Jumbo Bag

Brain Chamber Polymer (India) is an unique Jumbo Bags Suppliers from Appachiwadi, Karnataka, India. Jumbo Bag/Big Bag/Bulk Bag is an ideal packaging of material in huge and bulk quantity in industrial sectors. Jumbo bags come in various types as per packaging of materials and their needs. Bulk bags are manufactured from virgin polypropylene materials which are highly durable makes the bag of standard quality.

Jumbo bag carry bulk quantity of goods from capacities ranging from 250 kg to 2000 kg as per the needs of packaging. Jumbo bags come with single, double loops for filling and discharging sprout bags easily. It can easily handle with fork lift for transporting from one place to another by the help of single person. Bulk bag has huge demands in agriculture sector, textile sector and chemical sector for storing and transporting the chemicals, cement, food ingredients, and fertilizers in bulk quantity.

Our manufactured jumbo bag are comes in various design and dimension coated/uncoated with logo print as per clients demands. Our clients can avail those jumbo bags in market leading price with high quality.


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